Custom Walnut Coffee Table in Hamilton

Custom Walnut Coffee Table in Hamilton

We designed and built this walnut coffee table to play well with other walnut features in the clients’ home, including a dining table that we also made for them. Walnut’s deep, rich colors are perfectly at home in both traditional and contemporary interior designs, including this clean transitional style. That versatility is a huge part of why we love it so much, and why it has a place in so much of our work.

There’s a lot more to table design than material selection, though. Of course, material is important, and something we pay a great deal of attention to, but there are functional considerations that deserve – and get – at least as much. After all, if the most beautiful table in the world doesn’t work well in a room, then it’s quite simply a bad table.


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Here at Cannon Hill, we pay a lot of attention to things like the clearances between our table and other pieces of furniture or walls. We have our rules of thumb for how big a table ought to be depending on how a space is used, and floor plans often play an important part in the design process. A poorly-sized table will always be a source of frustration, so we implore our clients to take that part of the process seriously, and we always lend our expertise. In fact, one exercise we encourage people to try is to mock up the table with cardboard and set that cardboard up in the room, at table height, so they can get a real feel for how the piece will interact with the rest of the room and its traffic patterns. You might be surprised just how much insight that little investment of time can offer.

In a case like this one, where a coffee table serves both sections of an L-couch, we’ll size the table so that it’s within reach of each section without crowding the couch too closely, and that it’s just the right height for that particular couch. We always want our pieces to be beautiful and functional, in equal measure. After all, if you’re going to the trouble of getting a custom wood table, it’s only right to take the time to do things properly.