Custom Walnut Live Edge Table in Franklin

Custom Walnut Live Edge Table in Franklin

It’s a real treat when a custom wood table of ours lands in a home that has recently undergone a redesign, and can serve as a feature of a well-considered aesthetic. For this project we worked with an interior designer who had created a modern, elegant space in a newly renovated Franklin home with classic interplay of dark and light. Claro was the natural choice of material in a project like this, and everything came together beautifully. A large dining table like this one can serve as a real anchor to the design of a space, and we’re proud when our tables do just that.

I say that Claro is the natural choice on a project like this because slabs of this sub-species virtually always have grain features that are somehow subtle and dramatic at the same time, just like the finished space around. Claro – actually a result of grafting and cross-pollination between eastern European and native American walnut species – grows in the American Northwest, and offers some of the most appealing figure and coloration of any walnut variety.

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Just as in the vision that the designer executed for this home, there’s an alluring interplay of light and dark, with rich chocolate tones riding alongside creamy gold caramels, all complemented by gorgeous, chatoyant figure. With a natural, live-edge outline and the beauty inherent in the wood, tables like this give us the chance to marry the elegance of the outdoors with that of our clients’ homes. Homeowners often want the clean, contemporary lines of modern design, while taking care to avoid a clinical, soulless feel. Natural products like live edge tables are a great way to hit just that right balance; crucially, our experience and professional eye allow us to guide our clients towards species — even particular slabs — that won’t stray too far from their design vision.

This table is finished in Cannon Hill’s signature 2K urethane spray finish, our choice for projects that are likely to be subject to substantial wear and tear. Our in-house spray finishers mix and apply the two-part, matte product right here in our Roxbury workshop for each piece of furniture. The spray urethane offers the ultimate in protection and durability, ensuring the beauty of this live-edge table for years to come.